• *Our in-person activities are currently suspended due to government restrictions

    however, we are running a virtual programme of activities

    and support during the current lockdown.


    New members are very welcome*


    getting women active


    tackling gender imbalance in sports participation and bringing life-changing improvements to the physical and mental health of women


    Providing all-female, non-competitive, accessible activities to women of all ages and abilities


    Charity registration number 1189672

  • Join us for 'Join in Jan' 2021

    as we attempt to move every day throughout the month of January.


    With bucket loads of support from the girls ALIVE community, this is an opportunity to begin the year doing something healthy and positive for you!


    Head to the girls ALIVE Surrey community Facebook page for simple activity ideas and inspiration to keep you moving.

  • girls ALIVE is a community of encouraging, all-female, non-competitive activity groups for women of all ages and abilities.


    The girls ALIVE mission is simply to 'get women active' so whether you fancy running, hiking, swimming, road cycling, or mountain biking there is always beginner or entry-level sessions on offer for those who are new or returning to exercise.


    To ensure accessibility for all, girls ALIVE groups are free to join except for where a coach, venue, or equipment is needed.


    girls ALIVE is where women join forces and harness the girls ALIVE spirit in order to overcome obstacles that prevent them from exercising.


    Charity registration number 1189672


  • in and around Dorking

    What we offer

    girls ALIVE has over 230 members and currently hosts 13 activity groups across a variety of disciplines based around the Dorking area of Surrey. Click here for our current weekly schedule.


    A supportive atmosphere

    All our groups are welcoming and non-competitive. They are led by an inspiring bunch of volunteers who are passionate about the benefits of being active and challenging yourself. Each and every one of our Group Leaders is dedicated and encouraging, helping our Champions to build confidence slowly and ensuring everyone is supported. Each group has an entry-level or beginner session so you'll be in good company whatever your level.



    There is no compulsory membership fee. One of our founding principles is 'affordability for all women', so instead, we run a voluntary membership donation scheme which enables you to donate an amount that is affordable for you and can be paid monthly or annually (see more detail below).


    The vast majority of our activities are free. There is a small charge for sessions where a coach, venue, or equipment is required, however, it is kept to the absolute minimum and those from low-income households or those experiencing financial hardship can apply for a reduction.


    Voluntary membership donation scheme

    Once you’ve had a chance to experience the benefits of girls ALIVE first hand, we’ll send details of how to set up a voluntary membership donation. The suggested annual donation is £85, or £7.50 per month. This is a suggested donation only and you are able to select an affordable amount for you and your preferred frequency.


    How to join

    To join, just click this link to fill in the online membership form.


    For further general information about joining girls ALIVE click this link.


    For more detail about our groups click the links below or email eleanor@girlsalive.org.uk


    Run Group - Running, jogging & Couch to 5K


    Baby Steps Group - Run/ Walk for New Mums


    Ride Group - Road Cycling


    Off-Road Group - Mountain Biking


    Hike Group - Walking


    Swim Group - Pool Swimming


    Open Water Group - Open Water Swimming


    Beginners Triathlon Group - Triathlon Training


    SUP - coming soon



  • girls ALIVE

    in your community?

    Start your own girls ALIVE group


    Would you like to start a girls ALIVE group in your community? Once you've chosen an activity, decided what time and day suits you best, then get in touch. We will help guide you through setting up your club and how to encourage others to join in.


    Start small and you'll be surprised by how quickly your group will grow.



    girls ALIVE support


    As the Group Guardian of your club, you'll become part of the wider girls ALIVE family, giving you access to admin and communications support, marketing tools, insurance, plus help to find and train your volunteers. In short, everything you will need to develop a vibrant and fun activity group at the heart of your community.


    Get in touch


    Simply click the link below and email us to find out more.


    We very much look forward to hearing from you.


  • Contact & Connect


    email - eleanor@girlsalive.org.uk


    Charity registration number 1189672

  • Where it all started


    During the time when, good friends, Philippa Curphey and Eleanor Lestrange had young children, their focus had been almost solely on family and work. Like many women at this stage of life, they had not engaged in any regular exercise or taken time to focus on themselves for years. As a result, Eleanor was suffering with repeated episodes of anxiety and Philippa wanted to regain her sense of independence after having children.



    In the Autumn of 2016, they come to the conclusion that it was time to take responsibility and to improve their health and well-being, so they decided to adjust their priorities and do something about it. The pair, who are known for not doing things by half, both chose to take on huge personal challenges. Philippa, who in a previous life had enjoyed recreational running, trained for and completed The London Marathon in April 2017. Eleanor took up cycling, and similarly, within 6 weeks had signed up to The Prudential Ride London’s 100-mile cycling challenge which she completed in the summer of the same year.



    Having been overwhelmed by the positive impact that exercise, encouragement and support from their local community had on both their mental health and physical well being, they felt compelled to share what they have learned so that other women could benefit too and September 2017 Philippa and Eleanor put their newfound enthusiasm and passion for community sports to good use and created the 'girls ALIVE' initiative.

  • girls ALIVE Dorking - Run Group

    Whether you're an absolute beginner or a seasoned runner girls ALIVE has a run session to suit you.

    • Run/ walk group -  Monday 9.15 am on Holmwood Common which is 5K
    • Evening 5K run - Tuesday 7.00 pm from Denbies for those who are comfortable to already run 5K.
    • Couch to 5K for beginners - Wednesday 9.15 am on the Big Field in Brockham. In January are about to start a new block so now is a good time to join.


    If you'd like more details about our run group please email eleanor@girlsalive.org.uk and she will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Monday 9.15 am - Holmwood Common - 5K Run/Walk

    Scamells Car Park, Blackbrook Rd RH5 4DT

    Parking is available at this National Trust Car Park

    If you’ve done a little running before or fancy taking a step up from a beginner’s group, then join one of our experienced run leaders who will guide you on a gentle 5km loop through beautiful Holmwood Common.

    Tuesday 7.00 pm - Denbies - 5K Run

    Denbies Wine Estate, London Rd, Dorking, RH56AA

    An enjoyable evening run for those already comfortable running 5K

    Wednesday 9.15 am - Big Field Brockham - Couch to 5K

    Kiln Lane Brockham, RH37LZ

    A gentle and encouraging supported activity. For beginners to build up to running 5K.

  • girls ALIVE Dorking - Road Cycling Group


    Our road cycling group, or ride club as we call it, meets on Friday morning at 9.15 am on Brockham Green. We also arrange ad hoc weekend and evening rides via our WhatsApp group. Each ride is posted on our Spond group with details of rough target pace and mileage. We have a wide range of abilities from beginners through to those training for events so you should be able to find some friendly and encouraging ride buddies wherever your pace.


    We are running 6 weeks of beginner sessions for those who are new to the road starting Friday 18th September. You'd be very welcome to join us for this if you are new to the sport.


    To join or for more information please email eleanor@girlsalive.org.uk

    Friday Morning 9.15 am - Brockham Green

    Brockham Green, RH3 7JJ

    Parking is available

  • girls ALIVE Dorking - Mountain Biking Group

    • Are you a lapsed mountain biker?
    • Maybe you lack riding buddies and/ or confidence to try new routes?
    • Maybe you are a road or cross country rider who wants to give it a go?
    • Maybe you just want to have fun in the hills?

    Whatever your previous experience, all you need is a mountain bike, a helmet and a sense of adventure. We ride on Monday and Friday mornings and sometimes at weekends. In the summer we often do evening rides. We ride downhill trails all over the Surrey Hills; Ranmore, Leith, Holmbury and pitch.


    The group is mixed ability and very encouraging. Please email our off-road Group Guardian jenny@girlsalive.org.uk and she will be happy to give you more detail and answer any questions you may have.


    We look forward to riding with you soon!

    Monday 9.30 am - Various locations around Dorking


    Friday 9.30 am - Various locations around Dorking

  • girls ALIVE Dorking - Hike Group


    • Brockham morning hike - Tuesday 9.15 am from Brockham Green. This hike usually takes in a route around the countryside of Brockham and surrounding villages and typically lasts about 2 hrs
    • Boxhill evening hike - Wednesday 7.30 pm from Hillier Garden Centre. This hike takes in one of the ascents of Boxhill and continues through the winter with the addition of head torches.
    • Boxhill evening hike - Wednesday 7.00 pm from Brockham Green. This hike usually heads down the Coach Road towards Boxhill meeting up with our Garden Centre group along the way.
    • Weekend long hike - Saturday 8.00 am meeting at various start points around Dorking. This is for those who want a longer walk and is usually 8 miles +

    If you'd like more details about our hike group please email esther@girlsalive.org.uk and she will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


    Tuesday 9.15 am - Brockham

    Walk group

    Brockham Green RH3 7JR.

    Parking available around the green.

    Morning hike to clean the mind. A welcoming, encouraging and inclusive walking group. There is no pressure to do more than you are comfortable with and whatever your pace, you'll be in good company.

    Wednesday Evening

    7.00 pm, Brockham Green and

    7.30 pm, Hillier Garden Centre

    Brockham Green RH3 7JR

    Hillier Garden Centre RH4 1NP

    Parking available around the green and at the Garden Centre


    This evening walk runs throughout the year and follows a variety of routes up and around Boxhill. There are two meet points for this Hike with both groups meeting along route to enjoy the walk together.


    Head torches must be worn during the winter months.

    Saturday Morning

    8.00 am, various meet points

    This weekend walk runs throughout the year and is usually around 8 miles+.


    Meet point and other details are shared using our Spond group earlier in the week.

  • girls ALIVE Dorking - Swim Group


    The ladies of girls ALIVE Dorking Swim Group usually meet at Dorking Sports Centre throughout the week to swim together and share training tips. Our girls ALIVE only swimming sessions with swim improver coaching are currently suspended due to government restrictions. Watch this space for updates.


    To join us for a swim or for more information eleanor@girlsalive.org.uk



    Dorking Sports Centre RH4 1SN.

    Parking available at the Sports Centre.

    A welcoming, encouraging and inclusive group of ladies meeting on an ad hoc basis.

  • girls ALIVE Dorking - Open Water Group


    The ladies of girls ALIVE Dorking Open Water Swimming Group meet at various open water venues throughout the warmer months for some wonderful outdoor swimming.


    The majority of the group are relatively new to open water and are still learning techniques and about the incredible benefits of open water swimming.


    Join our WhatsApp group for some open water swim chat or for more information email eleanor@girlsalive.org.uk

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