empowering women to get active


    All-female, non-competitive community sports club for women of all ages and abilities


    Tackling gender imbalance in sports participation and bringing life-changing improvements to the physical and mental health of women


    Charity registration number 1189672

  • girls ALIVE is an all-female, non-competitive community sports club providing activities for women of all ages and abilities.


    The girls ALIVE mission is simply to 'get women active' so whether you fancy running, hiking, swimming, road cycling, or mountain biking there is always beginner or entry-level sessions on offer for those who are new or returning to exercise.


    Our volunteer and skills sharing programmes, build confidence and offer opportunities to learn new skills whilst supporting others on their journey to a more active life.


    girls ALIVE is where women join forces to overcome obstacles that prevent them from exercising.


    Charity registration number 1189672


  • How to join girls ALIVE

    Click this link to fill in the girls ALIVE Club membership form


    What we offer

    • 13 activity groups per week across running, hiking, swimming, road cycling, Cross Country cycling, Mountain Biking, Zwift and virtual low impact workouts. 
    • An inspiring and supportive digital community
    • A skills sharing programme that increases confidence and independence.
    • A comprehensive volunteer programme offering valuable experiences to develop leadership and other life skills


    A supportive atmosphere

    Our groups are all-female, welcoming and non-competitive. They are led by inspiring volunteers who are passionate about the benefits of being active. Our Group Leaders are dedicated and encouraging, helping women to build confidence slowly with support.



    Club subs are £6.50 per month, £19.50 per quarter or £78 per year. Those who are experiencing challenging financial circumstances are encouraged to apply for a girls ALIVE membership grant. Details on membership form.


    There is no participation fee for the majority of our activities. There is a small charge for sessions where a coach, venue, or equipment is required, however, it is kept to a minimum and those experiencing challenging financial circumstances are invited to apply for a girls ALIVE activity grant.


    For more detail about membership email enquiries@girlsalive.org.uk

  • girls ALIVE

    in your community?

    Start your own girls ALIVE group


    Would you like to start a girls ALIVE group in your community? Once you've chosen an activity, decided what time and day suits you best, then get in touch. We will help guide you through setting up your activity and how to encourage others to join in.


    Start small and you'll be surprised by how quickly your group will grow.



    girls ALIVE support


    As a girls ALIVE activity leader, you'll become part of the wider girls ALIVE family, giving you access to admin and communications support, marketing tools, insurance, plus training for yourself and your volunteers. In short, everything you will need to develop a vibrant and fun activity group at the heart of your community.


    Get in touch


    Simply click the link below and email us to find out more.


    We very much look forward to hearing from you.


  • Contact & Connect


    email - enquiries@girlsalive.org.uk


    Charity registration number 1189672

  • Where it all started


    During the time when, good friends, Philippa Curphey and Eleanor Lestrange had young children, their focus had been almost solely on family and work. Like many women at this stage of life, they had not engaged in any regular exercise or taken time to focus on themselves for years. As a result, Eleanor was suffering with repeated episodes of anxiety and Philippa wanted to regain her sense of independence after having children.



    In the Autumn of 2016, they come to the conclusion that it was time to take responsibility and to improve their health and well-being, so they decided to adjust their priorities and do something about it. The pair, who are known for not doing things by half, both chose to take on huge personal challenges. Philippa, who in a previous life had enjoyed recreational running, trained for and completed The London Marathon in April 2017. Eleanor took up cycling, and similarly, within 6 weeks had signed up to The Prudential Ride London’s 100-mile cycling challenge which she completed in the summer of the same year.



    Having been overwhelmed by the positive impact that exercise, encouragement and support from their local community had on both their mental health and physical well being, they felt compelled to share what they have learned so that other women could benefit too and September 2017 Philippa and Eleanor put their newfound enthusiasm and passion for community sports to good use and created the 'girls ALIVE' initiative.

  • girls ALIVE Dorking - Run Group

    Whether you're an absolute beginner or a seasoned runner girls ALIVE has a run session for you.

    • 5K Run/ walk group -  Monday 9.15 am on Brockham Green
    • Building from 5 to 10K group - Tuesday 7.00 pm from Denbies for those who are comfortable to already run 5K.
    • Couch to 5K for beginners - Tuesday 7.00 pm - Coached session part of a 10-week course  Dorking
    • Couch to 5K for beginners - Friday 9.00 am -Volunteer lead run - Brockham Green
    • Trail run 4-5 mile - Sunday 8.00 am Dorking
    • Parkrun meet up - Saturday 8.45 am Mole Valley Parkrun - Denbies


    If you'd like more details about our run group please email enquiries@girlsalive.org.uk and she will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Monday 9.15 am - Brockham Green - 5K Run/Walk

    Brockham Green RH3 7JR - parking available around the Green

    If you’ve done a little running before or fancy taking a step up from a beginner’s group, then join one of our experienced run leaders who will guide you on a gentle 5km loop through beautiful Brockham.

    Tuesday 7.00 pm - Dorking - 5 to 10K group run

    Denbies Wine Estate, London Rd, Dorking, RH56AA

    An enjoyable evening run for those already comfortable running 5K and wanting to build on their running strength and and distance

  • girls ALIVE colour chart

    This chart is our reference point to help us to describe the type of activity that is planned

    and to help you choose activities that you would like to join.

  • girls ALIVE Dorking - Road Cycling Group


    Our road cycling group, or ride club as we call it, meets several times a week and offers rides spanning a wide ability range.


    For the absolute beginner, we run a 4 week 'First steps into road cycling' course that builds knowledge and confidence on the road as well as teaching the basics of group cycling, getting you ready to join our club group rides.


    We offer a range of rides across the week and weekend depending on ride leader availability. All rides are posted on Spond, our club app, a few days before. Scroll down to the page below to see the range of rides we offer.


    To join or for more information please email enquiries@girlsalive.org.uk

  • Road cycling colour chart

    This chart is our reference point to help us to describe the type of ride that is planned

    and to help you choose a ride that you would like to join.

  • girls ALIVE - Cross Country Cycling

    The idea for Cross Country (or XC) riding is to get outside explore, take in the view, and have fun. XC riding emphasises endurance and distance covered above technical skill and difficulty of the terrain.


    Some rides are short and local and some are a bit further afield taking advantage of the wonderful countryside we have in the SE corner of England. We ride on a mix of tracks, "non-technical" trails, byways, bridleways, disused railway lines, canal towpaths, and quiet roads.


    The location, surface and distance varies so details are provided for each ride so that you can choose the ride best for your riding style and level, from beginner to more advanced adventurer.


    A wide variety of bikes are suitable for XC riding including hardtail mountain bikes, full-suspension mountain bikes, or gravel bikes.


    We plan to offer a Saturday ride every 4 weeks plus additional weekend or evening rides when we can. All rides are posted on Spond, our club app, a few days before. Scroll down to the page below to see the range of rides we offer.


    To join or for more information please email enquiries@girlsalive.org.uk

  • XC cycling colour chart

    This chart is our reference point to help us to describe the type of ride that is planned

    and to help you choose a ride that you would like to join.

  • girls ALIVE Dorking - Mountain Biking Group

    • Are you a lapsed mountain biker?
    • Maybe you lack riding buddies and/ or confidence to try new routes?
    • Maybe you are a road or cross-country rider who wants to give it a go?
    • Maybe you just want to have fun in the hills?

    Whatever your previous experience, all you need is a mountain bike, a helmet, and a sense of adventure. We ride on Monday and Friday mornings and sometimes at weekends. In the summer we often do evening rides. We ride downhill trails all over the Surrey Hills; Ranmore, Leith, Holmbury and pitch.


    The group is mixed ability and very encouraging. Please email our off-road Group Guardian jenny@girlsalive.org.uk and she will be happy to give you more detail and answer any questions you may have.


    We look forward to riding with you soon!

    Monday 9.30 am - Dorking / Peaslake


    Approx 2.5 hours ride with meetups in Dorking and Peaslake

    All levels welcome

    Tuesday evenings 6.00 pm - Dorking

    Meet our MTB ride leaders!

  • MTB colour reference chart

    This chart is our reference point to help us to describe the type of ride that is planned

    and to help you choose a ride that you would like to join.

  • girls ALIVE Dorking - Hike Group

    girls ALIVE Hikes are wonderfully friendly and welcoming. Different levels of walks are offered throughout the week to cater to all ability levels. See our regular hikes below.


    For more details about the different levels of hike, see our colour chart on the next page.


    If you'd like more details about our hike groups please email esther@girlsalive.org.uk and she will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


    Tuesday morning 9.15 am - Brockham

    Green (Blue)

    Brockham Green RH3 7JR.

    Parking available around the green.

    On Tuesday mornings we usually hike for 1.5/2hrs and vary the routes to make the most of what's on our doorstep. Sticking to footpaths, bridleways, and sometimes on country lanes we take in some lovely views. We always welcome new hikers and nobody ever gets left behind. We don't tend to stop off for coffee/cake on our morning hikes but there is a cafe on the green if you need refreshments after your hike!

    Wednesday evening (Pink)

    7.30 pm, Hillier Garden Centre

    Hillier Garden Centre RH4 1NP

    Parking is available at the Garden Centre


    We head up a traffic-free road and then gently climb using a zig-zag footpath, this brings us out at the top of Box Hill. We head over the back of the hill and down a long chalky path into the belly of the Juniper valley. There’s plenty of space to walk side by side, great for chatting, but don’t get complacent because on our left are the lung buster steps! If we’re lucky we can make it to Broadwood's Folly as the sun is setting. The last segment takes us back to Salomon’s viewpoint for some star gazing and pointing at recognisable landmarks, then we head back down the hill to the cars. We cover 5 miles, 900ft elevation, it takes under two hours and we walk come rain or shine

    Thursday evening hike (Blue)

    7.00 pm, The pump, Brockham Green

    This walk takes us from the pump on the green along the coffin path to the Betchworth church. We follow the Mole along the road to the beautiful deer then up a short sharp bridle path to Buckland stores. Then a short distance till we pass over the sandy arable field to the back of the Red Lion before we loop back to brockham green. It's about 4 miles and usually takes about 1 1/2 hours.

    Saturday morning long hike fortnightly (Pink/black)

    8.00 am, various meet points

    Our long hikes are designed for those wanting to discover the stunning countryside and walking routes on our doorstep (or sometimes a little further afield). A minimum of nine miles per walk, these hikes are for those with a good level of fitness as we are often walking for three hours plus and some routes can be tougher than others as we search for the best views Surrey has to offer. As with all girls ALIVE activities, no one is ever left behind and we'll always help and support each other along the way. Coffee and cake stops will be factored into routes wherever possible.

  • Walking and hiking colour chart

    This chart is our reference point to help us to describe the type of walk that is planned

    and to help you choose the walks that you would like to join.

  • girls ALIVE Dorking - Swim Group


    The ladies of girls ALIVE Dorking Swim Group usually meet at Dorking Sports Centre and Guildford Lido throughout the week to swim together and share training tips. Our girls ALIVE only swimming sessions with swim improver coaching are currently suspended due to government restrictions. Watch this space for updates.


    To join us for a swim or for more information enquiries@girlsalive.org.uk



    Dorking Sports Centre RH4 1SN.

    Parking available at the Sports Centre.

    A welcoming, encouraging and inclusive group of ladies meeting on an ad hoc basis.

  • girls ALIVE Dorking - Open Water Group


    The ladies of girls ALIVE Dorking Open Water Swimming Group meet at various open water venues throughout the warmer months for some wonderful outdoor swimming.


    The majority of the group are relatively new to open water and are still learning techniques and about the incredible benefits of open water swimming.


    Join our WhatsApp group for some open water swim chat or for more information email enquiries@girlsalive.org.uk

  • this weeks schedule

  • girls ALIVE Club membership terms and conditions

    As a girls ALIVE Club member I agree to...

    • Champion female sports participation and gender equality
    • Maintain a welcoming, inclusive and non-competitive atmosphere at all times.
    • Treat everyone as an equal and show kindness and encouragement to others.
    • Behave in a reasonable and respectful manner during club activities and in all communications.
    • Respect my girls ALIVE network and not use it to promote any personal, business or other charity interests.
    • Take sole responsibility for my own decision-making and health and safety at all times.
    • Get clearance from my GP before taking part in any girls ALIVE physical activity sessions.
    • Pay any club subs that are due before taking part in girls ALIVE activities.

    girls ALIVE Club retains the right to...

    • Cancel activity sessions when necessary.
    • Limit activity participant numbers when necessary.
    • Refuse membership on the grounds of non-payment of Club subs.
    • Remove or expel any member for unreasonable or dangerous behaviour.
    • With their permission, securely hold members personal data for the purposes of club management and communications.

  • girls ALIVE is putting together a team to train for and run the London Landmarks Half Marathon in April 2022

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