Cycling - Building confidence on the road course - Gift voucher

Cycling - Building confidence on the road course - Gift voucher

This gift voucher can be redeemed against any 'Building confidence on the road course' in 2022. The first course starts in January.

Build your confidence to ride safely on the road with this 4-week course led by our road safety cycling instructor, Lisa Bywell. She will take you through how to prepare for a ride, check your equipment, road positioning, communication, observation, priorities on the road, riding in a group and much more.

You'll get the opportunity to ask lots of questions and build your confidence at your own pace in this small group session. We will cycle at a very gentle pace as our focus will be on learning the skills we need to progress.

Lisa will give you some handy exercises to help you practice your new skills on your own as well as prepare you to join a girls ALIVE Green group ride.

Who is this course for - These sessions are designed for those who can ride a bike.
You will need - A roadworthy bike (of any sort), a helmet, gloves and clothes that are not loose-fitting as this can cause a hazard.
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